Who Or What Is IonicH3art?!

This Blog Post is based around me IonicH3art (real name, "Matthew Hamill") & who or what is IonicH3art?!

IonicH3art (Matthew Hamill) is a 22y/o from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, He dabbles in many different things including being a Content-Creator, Professional Photographer, Twitch Affiliate, YouTuber, Influencer, Web Designer, Brand Ambassador, & Blogger.

Where did the name IonicH3art Come From?!

IonicH3art wasn't always IonicH3art it started off as "IonicHeart6237", as an old Xbox 360 username going back well over 10 years ago, Fast forward till about 7 years ago I got locked out of that said Xbox 360 account because the Xbox account was under a parent's name because I was too young to be able to sign up for Xbox Live etc (so basically, got locked out of the account & it was originally set up under an old email address so lost access to it sadly. Then when it came to making a new account I used IonicH3art6237 which in 2017 became IonicH3art. That's how IonicH3art was born!

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